Leave Death Behind.
Ride Alive.

Riding a motorcycle is a symbol of freedom and adventure. But to live on the edge, you have to be alive. Cue the helmet.


Buckle up - it's worth your time.

Without your seat belt, it’s only a matter of time before Death finds you. Buckling up is the most important safety measure you can take to protect yourself in a crash. It only takes two seconds to outsmart Death.


Don't Mess with Death.

Every time you get behind the wheel, Death rides with you. When you drink and drive, you give him the upper hand. Too many South Dakotans were killed in alcohol-related accidents last year – and every one could have been saved. Designate a driver or stay sober.

Text CHECKPOINT to 49494 for sobriety checkpoint alearts

Text CHECKPOINT to 49494 for sobriety checkpoint alerts and Updates*

*Text HELP to 49494 for help. Text STOP to 49494 to cancel. Msg & data rates may apply. Messaging may be recurring. Terms/Privacy: Privacy Policy Brought to you by the South Dakota Office of Highway Safety